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Thursday, March 25, 2010



I have hidden all that I was

For years so many

Fearing that I would be hated

As it always was

And in hiding

I perpetuated the hate

So now I hide the perpetuation

A hidden secret in hiding

And in this too was the hate perpetuated

So now I am well hidden

So far from all human contact

Unable to get back through the labyrinth of secrets and hiding

Lying to hide

Hiding to lie

A child was formed into a killer of men

And a man was killed by the child within

One to give

One to take

One to lead them

One to feed upon them.

I long for life and bring down destruction

Ringing the bells,

Signaling the war

Peace will come

In due time

And my soul will rest

Knowing that all will be well

All will be well

So now we assault

The lies and the hidden

To free the trapped

Of their own ignorance

And some day, some way

The freed will be me.


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