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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Memo: Apocolypse

Attention Employees,

The Apocalypse is scheduled to begin at 10 am sharp. We would like to remind everyone that at 9:55 am you should put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye. Failure to do so could result in decapitation or data loss. Milk and cookies will be served at the gates of Hell. For those going to heaven, get your own freakin' cookies. Atheist can grab a bag of cookies before the apocalypse by stopping at HR before 9:30. We are unsure about giving Agnostics cookies as they may or may not be getting cookies later.

Thank You for your patience. We hope to return to normality by 3:00 PM.

Bill L Zebub,

Bringer of Doom, Kicker of Kitties, HR Lord

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