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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wallowed Paine of Self Disgust


Wallowed Paine of self disgust

Smell of pain

Life of dust

Looking forward seeing back

Nothing more than dauntless lack

And there he stands

Whole as I’m not

Offering life

For free, for naught

Selfish pride

Holding me

Flames of hell consuming me

Destroying life

Why not do I flee?

There he stands

Offering life

All for free, my biggest fan

Fierce battle wages on

The mind of Christ

To put it on

The foolish dance

I do all day

Who is the piper

That I must pay?

I give it all

To him who died

That I may live

And not be fried.

For him who rose

And brought new life

For him who rose

And saved my life.


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