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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frost Bite



The ice and snow crackle under my feet.

I trudge through on my journey to seek, to find.

Lost time and lost love.

The mountain looms above,

Casting it’s dark shadow

It’s condemnation for coming to this place.

I turn into the wind to go deeper.

The bite of the cold and snow goes deep

Into the deepest reaches of my soul.

Bringing regret for coming to this place.

I’ve waited too long

To come and retrieve

That which was stolen



And I let it slip

In arrogance

Thinking I had time to run and catch you before you slipped too far.

And here I stand at the foot of this mountain

Looking for you

The true you




Praying that it isn’t too late

To rescue you from the demons of me

Lurking in the darkness

Stealing the warmth from your soul

One degree at a time

So I will climb to the highest precipice

Endure the strongest winds

To slay the demons and return you from this forsaken land

And back into my arms.

Or I will die racing to rescue you from this dark land

Now I set my course, through the shadows of doubt and cynicism

To climb the mountain of hurts I have given you

Scale the cliffs of hatred

I will endure this cold

This winter

Chills me to the bone

I can not remember what true feeling is anymore

Numbness has consumed me

But I trudge on

My only hope

To find the you I lost

And restore it

Or maybe it is the me I lost

I look into your face

In mid August

As the winter in your eyes chills me to the soul.

I feel everything dieing around me

And I cry out to God to save me

From everything I have become

And everything I have made you

Lord forgive me

For I know not what I have done.