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Monday, April 5, 2010



I stand in plain sight, well hidden in neon lights

Blending into the black background with a Technicolor glow

They see what I wish for them

And think they all understand

The person inside of me

The man that I am

The beast that lives inside of me

The evil genius of my lab

Is cloaked in misery

And makes up the jester that pays the tab

I scream out in agony

And the laughter just roars

Building up the rage in me

Till it blows off the doors

The monster that is me

Glows prideful at their misery

If only they knew, they would all just flee

I want to help and be accepted

But my acceptance isn’t me

I see their weakness

And fight to not destroy

I see their laughter and think that I gave them joy……….sort of

I play the fool to hide the monster and hide the monster to be accepted as the fool.

An aimless genius, a full moon in a starless sky.

Dim and focused