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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have seen a thousand people with a thousand excuses. They scream a thousand curses at a thousand problems. Thousands of thousands doing thousands of things. But here I stand, I have seen a thousand people die, a thousand ways. I am but one of many, the last of the few. A chosen bringer, of lifeless food. A wise purveyor of empty promise. A powerful destroyer in a barren land. They call me evil. They call me good. But none of them sees the life that should. No matter what I say or do, they can not see past the outer fool. A fool that dances with merry glee. A fool that tries to be and see. Inner beast of turmoil and rage. Fighting off the lifeless stage. Bringing life and selling death. Running from the awful debt. Of past transgressions and pointless folly. I chose to see life in vivid color. And in that vision is fading light. I run in anger towards fading light, do not leave me I will not fight. In growing darkness I see no color. And again in color is no color found.

I watch as thousands pass, unaware of the awful power that I have held. To twist a world and alter minds. But I seek truth and I seek life. And they call me evil for shedding light. They call me good for killing times. They call me evil for spreading truth. The call me good for destroying the you. They beg for more, blood letting and gore. They want no part of building who you are. I watch as thousands pass me by. Self diluted in lies. Self diluted in cries. And I am the very person who they can not stand, a hunter of ignorance, a bringer of truth. So they will be, diluted in their lies, and death will come not to body, but mind. And I will weep for people who are lost. The Thousands

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