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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Recendence

Blood stained ground

Valley of bones

Blood does feed it

Life reborn

They have left

Having done their deeds

To kill is for safely

To live is for fear

They came to take life

Take joy

Take skill

Instead they brought doom

To the heads of all they lay dear

For in the moment when vicious tear flesh

They see not it is

Of themselves they do kill

In my death they died

In their life I live

And again I ask the question

Do I threaten you? Surely I do not.

Malficient heap of mangled dumb

Speech of commons and slowness of tongue

Walk of simple

Run of the weak

How can this be?

This man of such weakness

Yet again

Here I am

Clumsily banging at the keys of this box

Begging for God to come and to change me

His message the same

I made you

It is you

All I wanted was to be loved and accepted

All I could do was to mumble and be spastic

Can I threaten you?

Surely not!

I have died a thousand times

A thousand ways

Each time

A little part of me

Not returning to life

A little part, will it be your part, dieing every day

So I stand up

Pulling the accusations out of me

Reliving the pain of being murdered one more time

Watching as my blood

Gives life to the dry bones of fear and ignorance

Hopefully giving them the life I lost

So that one-day they too can walk

No longer being the dry bones of fear

But the beast of security and knowledge

The pain is so real

So strong

So irrelevant

So I chose to put it away from me, as it never happened

I look out over a blood stained valley

Unsure what happened here

They are walking away in the distance

I must run and catch they

They might like my company with them.

For surely

Man as I am

I do not threaten them.

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