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Friday, June 25, 2010


I see you festering

Festering with remorse and worry

Worrying about your image

Imagining yourself to be better than you are.

You have become a sore

Sore to everyone around you

You see the truth and it you reject

Rejection has become your security blanket

You are not ready for the whole truth

Truthfully morning your losses

Losing your sanity in a wave of grief

Grieving those who wish to help you leave this horrid place.

Come out and join us

Using the God given talents to uplift

Uplifting your spirit by lifting those around you

Your time is now, Stop Festering.

Bitter lies (Expansion of Cold Killer)

No lie is quite so bitter as the lie your friend believes.

Yet, I stand and watch as those who proclaim the truth, fall to lies and evil. We pretend and those around believe your little play...but I am here, waiting, watching. No lie is quite so bitter as the lie that births treachery in the heart of my friends. For that, The Cold Killer awaits you in your deepest dreams.

This war has been on the horizon for years and I tried to warn you. Why do you choose to ignore wisdom? Do you see yourself as intelligent? You are not. You are just another sickly goat in sheep’s clothing. I reach for you to help and change your evil nature. You pull away and proclaim your understanding and intelligence. But when the poison worked its way you lashed out and hurt everyone around you. Are you so blind? Yes. But we are all blind, seeing what we can see and ignoring the blight in our own souls. The sight to see that you are blind is the beginning to killing the treacheries in you, for that imp will die and if you fail to separate it from you your fates will be joined. For there is only one price for treachery, Death, but not as you suppose.

Can you hear it? It comes and hunts for you with its ever present stalking. What is it?

A poison that kills

With no remorse

It destroys all that stands

And mocks you as it passes by

In horror you watch

As your house of cards

Does come crumbling down

Revealing for all to see

The weakness of your master design

It kills your hopes

Your dreams

Your reality

It rips and rents you



Murderous rage in its lone eye

Bloodlust consuming it

It is the most feared beast in all the world

The most lethal venom dripping off its glistening fangs

Truth is its name

And a world of pain is the reward for your lies