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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review: The Bride Collector

As with most of Dekkers other crime works it leans toward the dark and mentally insane.  Having read many of those works I have to say this work is stronger than most of his earlier.  The characters are better fleshed out and the storyline is linear.  Also I found myself identifying with both the hero and the antagonist.  The fact that both of them were deeply screwed up people does not show me in a good light.  Final verdict: Get this book, good read, good story.

Movie Review: Faster

I will keep this short.  While the movie was enjoyable from a visceral aspect, it was the same story retold.  Person A gets royally screwed by persons B-L.  Person A gets cool weapons and kills persons B through L.  Kill Bill did it well and this is a poor shadow of that story.  My advice is to skip Faster and rent Kill Bill parts 1 and 2.