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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Greetings and welcome to the dork side of the farce. I must take this time to warn those of weak jocular fortitude and those of weak mind that this site could cause side effects ranging from “Grumpy Pants” disease to cerebral implosion. Even though someone with “Grumpy Pants” disease witnessing a cerebral implosion will increase their jocular fortitude it has been known to cause spontaneous combustion. As for those people who wish to expand their minds and spirits we welcome you to continue. I am pleased that you have chosen this path and request that you keep me apprized of the content you like and the content you feel could be improved. I, the dork lord, will be sharing some of my writings and stories as well as opinions. I am always looking for ideas so all suggestions are wanted and some will be appreciated.

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